Mailchimp Organic Social Posting vs. Hootsuite

Comparing the power of Mailchimp Organic Social Posting with other platforms in the industry such as Hootsuite. Please have a look at the comparison chart of features and benefits of a data science driven marketing platform versus other platforms. We will let you decide which platform should be considered the tool of choice for modern tech savvy marketers.



Social Media Management Dashboard Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes No
Marketing Automation No No
Social Media Platforms Supported: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter Yes No

Linked In

Auto Generate Quotes from Articles Using AI / NLP (Simply Input a URL) No No
AI Driven Autocomplete of Social Posts No No
AI Analysis of Library Content for Smart Recommendations No No
Twitter Terms of Service Inspired Compliance Engine (Detecting Similarities of Text and Assist to Alter) No No
Visual Search Engine for Finding Best Engaging Emojis, Hashtags, Words and Images (ie No No
Discover Section with Worldwide Content Publications No No
Voice Assist (Create Campaigns Using Voice, Navigate Platform etc.) No No
Colorblind Creative Support No No
Smart Recommendations for Emojis, Hashtags and Copyright Free Images No No
Hashtag Playlists (Based on What’s Trending and Your Own Lists of Hashtags) No No
Create Graphics Using Stock Assets or Your Own No Yes
Import RSS Feeds into Library No No
Stop Switch (to Stop Posting Across the Platform in Emergencies) No No
Whitelabel No No
Social Media Accounts 10 3
Pricing (Yearly Plan): $29/m n/a

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